Miss Top Gun® The Flying Legend Jacket

Miss Top Gun® The Flying Legend Jacket
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Miss Top Gun® The Flying Legend Jacket Paying tribute to our friends on the East,

The Flying Legend is inspired by both the Japanese and Chinese culture. In Japanese traditional art, dragons are generous, benevolent forces that use their strength to do good for mankind. Wisdom is another trait attributed to dragons. Meanwhile, the phoenix of Chinese legend is a symbol of heaven’s favor, virtue and grace, luck and happiness. Like the dragon, with which the phoenix is always associated, it symbolizes the union of yin and yang, peace and harmony.


- 100% nylon outer shell and polyester interlining

- Ribbed cuffs

- Contrasting stripe ribbed neck and hem

- Functional pockets inside and out

- Lining features a certificate of appointment

- Vintage Leather Trim

- Assorted Original Patches

- Embroidery Design

- Signature Heavy Duty Propeller Zipper Opening

- Regular fit

- true to size


How to Care:

Machine washable

XS 35" 32 ½" 14 ¾" 18 ¾"
S 37" 33 ¼" 15 ¼" 19 ¼"
M 39" 34" 15 ¾" 19 ¾"
L 41" 35 ¾" 16 ¼" 20 ¼"
XL 43 ½" 34 ½" 17" 20 ¾"
2XL 46" 36 ¼" 17 ¾" 21 ¼"
3XL 48 ½" 37" 18 ½" 21 ¾"

how to measure yourself

Women Size Chart

1.Shoulder: Measure the back of your shoulder from one end to the other

2.Chest: Measure around the chest, under the armpits and over the highest part of your chest and shoulder blades kepping the tap parallel to the floor.

3.Sleeve: Holding your arm staright out from your side, this measurement is taken from the shoulder to the wrist. Make sure keep the tap staright for the most accurate measurement

4.Waist: Measure around your waist with the tape leveled at the narrowest point of your torso.

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