Top Gun® Quilted Winter Hat

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Top Gun® Quilted Winter Hat

Our warmest hat and a customer favorite for years. The shell is fully insulated and trimmed with plush genuine rabbit fur. Inspired by the hats bomber pilots wore in WWII, the aviator style hat is best known as a fur trim "ear flap hat". Aviator hats feature fur on the interior of the ear flaps and around the back of the neck. They also have a large fur flap brim on the front of the hat.

Aviator hats are unisex hats so they can be enjoyed by both, men and women. The ear flaps can be worn down for warmth and style, or attached at the back of the hat or top of the crown when not needed. A special feature of the Aviator hat is that the main ear flaps have a secondary small fur ear flap located directly over the ear. These smaller ear flaps can be worn up to allow better hearing or down for added warmth and protection to the ears.


- Adjustable Chin Strap

- One size fits most

- Medium Raised

- Signature Brown Leather Top Gun logo patch 

- Wear it with earflaps up or pull them down for added warmth

- A customer favorite in a rugged nylon style

100% Recycled Polyester

How to Care:

Spot clean only

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