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Regardless of whether you're a fashion maven or not, a long coat is a must have wardrobe piece for those cold winters. They ensure you are warm no matter what the temperature is. From chilly to windy weathers, a high quality long coat is all you need to protect yourself. That's why we at TopGun® store have brought this gorgeous collection of long coats for women.
  1. Miss Top Gun® Fitted Nylon N-3B Parka
    Miss Top Gun® Fitted Nylon N-3B Parka
    As low as $279.99
  2. TOP GUN® Women's Long Nylon Jacket
    TOP GUN® Women's Long Nylon Jacket
    As low as $199.50
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These coats are extremely classy and completes your outfit with an extra essence of charm. They are very well designed and suits every type of women. The materials used to craft them includes heavy-duty nylon fabric, de facto material in the industry and highest quality genuine leather you can get your hands on. So, the durability is splendid.

Due to its iconic status, long coats for women are a must-have jacket for cooler months, whether you’re preparing for work, heading to school, or going out for drinks with friends. With these long coats, you'll be warm no matter what the environment is. These coats are not only sophisticated in nature, but also they provide out of the box authenticity.

It is our target to bring you products that are both of the highest quality and features the military spirit of style and performance. Our collection of long coats progresses above and beyond its aviation heritage. We follow the standards of perfection and durability, which is reflected in these long coats.

Our TopGun® collection features various stylistic long coats to keep you warm and sound during those harsh cold winters. Also it guarantees to make you standalone in the neighborhood with its military inspired cute, warm and cozy apparel. So don't be late to get a long coat for yourself that is timeless and classy. Nothing sexier than a woman who struts around in a long coat!