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About Us

Welcome to the next evolution of the Top Gun® brand! The metamorphosis from outerwear brand to a full-line men’s and women’s lifestyle brand. Grounded in authenticity and inspiration the new design of the Top Gun® Brand progresses above and beyond its aviation heritage.

Top Gun® is military inspired outerwear brand for men, women and kids that goes beyond its aviation heritage. It represents perfection, authenticity, quality and durability. The Top Gun® lifestyle maintains its passion for speed, performance and style with a new, sophisticated casualness that is decidedly subtle and elevated in its quality and workmanship. 

Inspired by military heritage apparel and the popularity of Top Gun navy school, Top Gun® Fashion was founded in 1996 in Queens, New York. Following the standards of perfection and durability that were used at Top Gun school, we wanted to establish the same standards in fashion. We focused on using the same materials that pilots wore during their training when crafting and designing our jackets – heavy duty, industrial nylon fabric and quality genuine leather that’s for the best out there. Our jackets are designed with military, history and usability in mind.

When crafting and designing our jackets, we use the very technical specs that pilots wear when they fly and we put quality first, which is still something we are very proud of today.



Top Gun® is rooted in the American "speed culture" from fighter jets to vintage motorcycles and anything that goes fast! The name recalls not only movies and airplanes but the uniquely American desire to stand-up straight and succeed no matter the odds.


The Top Gun® mentality is expressed not in terms of testosterone but in bold, unflinching design and a forthright and honest desire to produce products and a brand experience that make a difference to our consumers - especially a strong, independent women's consumer.


Men's or Women's, Top Gun® is design and quality that goes beyond expectations and market standards. It is ingrained in the Top Gun® future to only put forth products that satisfy all aspects of what makes great garments; fit, finish, style and durability.


As both a retail and wholesale brand Top Gun® has the ability to involve our consumers in both product development and all aspects of the brand experience. From fast-track testing new garments in the flagship doors to previewing communication and seasonal efforts before they roll-down to our wholesale customers, the Top Gun® brand will be smart, pointed and all ears when it comes to our consumers.


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