Leather Care

Since leather is one of nature’s most practical and comfortable materials, it is no surprise why everyone is attracted to the sensuous feel of it. Our outstanding fine leather garments and leather accessories are produced through the use of hand-selected leathers, fittings and components. Minor variations of the leather texture or colors are proof of the leather’s natural characteristics and uniqueness. We offer the following general guidelines to help you enjoy your leather garment or accessory year after year.


Preserve the shape of your garment by using a wide padded hanger. Never cover your garment in plastic as leather, suede and nubuck need to breathe and should be kept in a cool, dry area away from heat. If leather is stored in plastic, in a warm environment, water can condense inside the plastic and mildew your leather. After you pull your leathers out of the closet, feel the skin. If it feels dry, it probably needs conditioning.


Conditioning your leather garment maintains and restores the suppleness by replenishing oils lost through exposure to air, sun, water, dirt, and through daily use. We strongly recommend our Top Gun Leather conditioner to help you maintain the beauty and appearance of your leather garment. Periodically apply the conditioner with a soft cloth using a gentle circular motion.


When needed, it is recommended to use professional leather cleaners. Matching garments should be cleaned at the same time because slight variations in color and texture may occur as a normal consequence of the cleaning process. Your garment may shrink slightly after the cleaning process, but it will gently stretch with wear.


If your leather garment gets wet, remove any heavy items from the pockets and hang the garment on a well padded hanger. Blow dry and allow it to finish drying at room temperature, keep away from heat sources such as hot air vents, radiators, furnaces, etc.


We recommend that you apply our Top Gun waterproof and stain repellent before the first wearing, and periodically every 1-2 months with regular wearing, and before exposure to rain or snow. We also suggest wearing a scarf to protect the collar area from perspiration and natural body oils. Always test any product you try in an inconspicuous part of the garment first, before spraying all over.


We strongly recommend using professional leather cleaners as needed.